Florida homeowners insurance rates starting to drop

While FL homeowners insurance rates have stayed the same or risen, the insurance industry has been reaping big rewards from the lack of hurricanes that have hit the Sunshine State in the last decade. Insurance companies price big risks into their calculations for payouts, and when those risks don’t materialize, they don’t refund your premiums, they keep the difference. That doesn’t mean that you won’t have any trouble collecting on an insurance payout in the future, either. Insurance companies don’t have a memory of the past, only a projection for the future. They aren’t more lenient with claims when times are good for them. If you haven’t shopped for homeowners insurance lately then head over to FloridaInsuranceQuotes.net now and get a free quote. You’re probably going to save a ton on your monthly mortgage payment.

Straightforward Claims Don’t Require Negotiation

Most insurance companies are very good about paying claims that are straightforward and not subject to dispute. It’s part of their business model, and disputing every claim with the insured would just add costs to their bottom line. In situations where there is a gray area, insurance companies can become less forthcoming with payments, and policyholders would be smart to know their rights, and to read the fine print on their policies carefully to make sure they get everything coming to them if there’s a claim followed by a dispute.

When your house has suffered damage that’s eligible for a claim against your homeowner’s insurance, it’s not wise to simply rely on your insurance company to accurately assess the damage to your home and cut you a check for that amount. If your roof is damaged in a storm, and you file a claim, the insurance company isn’t going to fix the roof, and if their estimate of the cost of repairs doesn’t cover the cost of hiring a competent contractor to do the work, you might find yourself on the hook for the difference.

Get Your Own Estimates To Ensure Appropriate Payouts

FL homeowners insurance rates from https://floridainsurancequotes.net/florida-homeowners-insurance/ are plenty high enough to cover the costs of hiring FL contractors to do the work necessary to repair your home in the event of an accident, so there’s no reason for homeowners to settle for partial payment on insured repairs. Consider getting estimates from competent contractors in your area while you wait for your insurance adjuster to come back with a number. If you find a contractor you like that can do the work for less, you’ll probably be able to pocket the difference. If you have more than one quotation for the work, and all of them are for more than the number your insurance adjuster offers, you’ll have the verbal ammunition you’ll need to dispute the claim right then and there.

Insurance Adjusters Have Limited Tools At Their Disposal

Insurance adjusters aren’t always trying to pull a fast one when they offer you less than the cost of a covered repair. They rely on their own cursory inspection, and on estimating software that might not be entirely up to date, while a contractor has to make a much more detailed inspection and has to be willing to do the actual work for the price he offers, so it’s more likely to be correct.